ETABS 2013 to SAP

In ETABS 9, it was possible (although not easy) to import a model to SAP. ETABS 2013 does not yet offer this capability directly, but CSI is developing an ETABS-SAP translator. They graciously shared a beta version with me, and I offer it to you in the same spirit.

ETABS 2013 to SAP Translator BETA


To use the tool, download both files and place them in the same folder, then run “ConnectSAPandETABS.exe”

The translator is currently able to export model geometry and section properties to SAP 15, but not frame assignments (!) nor loadings. CSI will hopefully release an updated version of this tool soon.


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4 Responses to ETABS 2013 to SAP

  1. kerem says:

    it seems that exe file doesn’t work. anyone use?

  2. Farid says:

    Hi, I need to convert an Etabs2013 model to SAP. I downloaded translator you shared, but it did not work. It says that it is not compatible with my windows (64Bit). Do you have this converter for Win64Bit?


  3. Raju says:

    Thanks to Sharing the SAP Material for Freshers,
    Link as,

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