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When Is a Wall a Column?

So there you are, designing away, when you come across a strange bird: a very long column. Or is it a very short wall? Where exactly is the line between the two? The implications can be significant: · Columns require … Continue reading

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Congratulations to CBRE on occupying your sparkling new office space atop 321 North Clark in Chicago. Thanks for letting us be part of the team.

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ETABS 2013 One Year Later

It’s been a year since CSI released the long-awaited next generation of ETABS. My colleagues and I have poked and prodded ETABS 13 for thirteen months and like what we’ve seen. I’ve watched the release notes and seen many bugs squashed. But as … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons Engineers Don’t Specify HSS

I recently had the privilege of attending the annual conference of the Steel Tube Institute. As a member of the technical committee, I was asked to present a structural engineer’s perspective on why engineers don’t use tubes, er, HSS. The … Continue reading

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ETABS 2013 to SAP

In ETABS 9, it was possible (although not easy) to import a model to SAP. ETABS 2013 does not yet offer this capability directly, but CSI is developing an ETABS-SAP translator. They graciously shared a beta version with me, and … Continue reading

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Dear New York, Congratulations on taking the title away from us. You’ve been through a lot, and you deserve it. This race isn’t over yet, though. Your friend, Chicago P.S. Our pizza is still better.

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Bad Function Data in ETABS 2013

It sounds like an obscure hipster band name, but it’s actually an error you may see in ETABS 2013: “Bad Function Data”: This will occur if you import an ETABS 9 model with an auto-generated response spectrum function (e.g., an … Continue reading

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