ETABS 2013 Model Downgrade to ETABS 9

You and I both want to use ETABS 2013 and gain access to the faster analysis times and new features. But we haven’t made the plunge, at least in part because we might lose work if we get a week or three down the road and realize that we need to revert to ETABS 9.

Good news: now you can downgrade your file! That is, I can downgrade your file. The tool is not ready release to the world, but I have tested it and am confident that it works to take any ETABS 2013 model and push it back to ETABS 9, with no loss of model data (except for any new features unavailable in the older version, of course).

If you’re interested, send me an email at drp181 [a t] gmail dot com. I can do the first few models for free, but if there’s much interest I may ask for a pittance (to help prioritize ‘real’ requests, mainly).

What other roadblocks are there to you using ETABS 2013? Leave a comment and let me know.

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27 Responses to ETABS 2013 Model Downgrade to ETABS 9

  1. Noor says:

    Etabs 9.7 had
    File>print tables
    What is the work around?
    Actually I want to design foundations in Struds. I want analysis data in txt format, which old version had.

  2. Dan Popp says:

    Noor – this topic deserves its own post (which I plan to do), but the short answer is: export your data as an Access database, then import it into Excel to manipulate. This is how I do all of my post-processing, and it’s very powerful.

  3. paolo says:

    hey i sent you an email

  4. Peter P says:

    You only need 2013 to open version 9, why go back????
    You just use version 9 for all you input/analysis – half the bugs in 2013 is in input.
    Than when you need a new feature in 2013 you open it in 2013, leaving the verion 9 untouched.
    To make any changes you go back to the original version 9.

  5. sameer says:

    Sir can you explain in detail how we can revert back to version 9 since csi officals says that it can not be done. Many thanks

    • Dan Popp says:

      My procedure modifies the ETABS 13 text file to match the format and content of an ETABS 9 text file. It’s essentially a “find and replace” with many pairs of terms.

  6. jasa says:

    that is the way, another way is export and export like revit file ( only geometry) and fix everything else but if you allways use the same load combinations and elements type will be easy.

  7. Irshad says:

    Hi Dan, I too have a similar issue can you help me out to downgrade


    Hi, would it be possible to send you an ETABS 2013 version 13.1.4 file to downgrade it to ETABS v.9.74?

  9. Dan Popp says:

    drp181 [at} gmail dot com.

  10. marcella says:

    Why do I have different result for the same model if I’m using etabs version 9 and version 13?
    Do u have any idea about it? Or maybe u could help me to solve my problem. Thank u.

    • Dan Popp says:

      The solver is different in ETABS 13/15. My experience is that results vary by a few percent from ETABS 9. If you’re seeing a more significant difference, you should ask CSI Support for help.

  11. triadi says:

    i sent you email bro, please help me, thanks

  12. banuardi says:

    hey.. i just sent you the email.
    i need your help.
    thank you anyway

  13. Kristijan says:

    I need to export ETABS 13 to Perform 3D. Is there a way to do this without downgrading to ETABS 9 first? If no, can you help to convert file from ETABS 13 to ETABS 9?


  14. anthony says:

    I have a ETABS2015 file, could you help downgrade it as etabs2013 file? thanks

  15. Wing Yu says:

    I would need your help. Please send that to me. Thank you very much.

  16. hi, can you help me please…i want to transfer my etabs tower model results thats is reactions to the podium model and i am using etabs 9.2…so can anybody plz tell me any easy shortcut for this which has minimum chances of error

  17. Peter Placzek says:

    Join the two models. Import if you can drawing the tower on top of the podium manually if you can’t.

  18. tony zhang says:

    Anybody know a replacement software of ETABS??
    ETABS is just TOO expensive!!

  19. ljey amine says:

    i have big problem bro i have using etabe2015 and also their is etabs old verision may be it is version etabs 2009.then it translete to 2013 then the model corrupted. they are not opened they are saved in ebk file pls help me i have been working ma thesis.

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