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ETABS 2013 Model Downgrade to ETABS 9

You and I both want to use ETABS 2013 and gain access to the faster analysis times and new features. But we haven’t made the plunge, at least in part because we might lose work if we get a week … Continue reading

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Importance Factor for Large Office Buildings

This question seems to come up quite often: what importance factor should be used for a large office building? The answer is apparently less than clear. Here’s my take: The intent of the 2006 IBC is to require Occupancy Category … Continue reading

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ETABS 2013 Disorder

CSI changed the default background color in ETABS 13 to white. If this really bothers you and you feel a compulsion to change it back, just use the following easy-to-remember keyboard sequence: Alt+O,C,D What do you think: coincidence or CSI … Continue reading

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2013 Steel Conference Recap

Last month I was privileged to attend the 2013 NASCC Steel Conference in St. Louis. This was my first steel conference and I can now agree with the sentiment of a friend: if you’re a structural engineer and can only … Continue reading

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ETABS 2013 Initial Reactions

The wait is over: ETABS 2013 was released last Tuesday, April 23rd. CSI was kind enough to upgrade my firm’s licenses that same day, so I’ve spent the better part of two weeks tinkering with the new version. Following more … Continue reading

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Rigid Thinking

Quick tip: when applying temperature loads to a diaphragm (for example, in a parking structure), make sure the diaphragm is set to semirigid, not rigid. I definitely did not just make this mistake in my model and I don’t know … Continue reading

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ETABS Keyboard Shortcuts

My wife and I had a standing disagreement for the first year after moving into our house: she thought it was faster to turn at the stoplight; I thought it was quicker to get there the back way. It turns … Continue reading

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