Bad Function Data in ETABS 2013

It sounds like an obscure hipster band name, but it’s actually an error you may see in ETABS 2013: “Bad Function Data”:

This will occur if you import an ETABS 9 model with an auto-generated response spectrum function (e.g., an IBC 2006 function). ETABS 2013 has three options for finding the Ss and S1 value (latitude-longitude, zip code, and user specified), and rather than logically assuming user-specified, it defaults to latitude-longitude. Then, not having any lat-long data, it throws this error when you try to run the analysis.

The fix is easy: simply open the function dialog and set the “Ss and S1 from USGS” dropdown to “User Specified”. Problem solved!

If there are other errors you’re seeing when upgrading models, let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses to Bad Function Data in ETABS 2013

  1. Frederik says:

    If anyone ever has this problem again, for me it wasen’t the right solution. It was because I put a negative “scale factor” in one of my load cases spectral response.

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